while l managed to root my phone, its become somewhat unstable which hasnt changed since l ran the unroot, so lve been contemplating completely reinstalling it.. that is to say change its software.. now l have a little experience having installed cyanogen mod on an older ZTE quite a few years back, but lve no idea what the go to roms these days are and which ones are the best.. suffice to say lm looking for something that will in general retain stock functionality thats easy to install from SD (because lve not had any luck with usb drivers). so my question is, what is the best version of android mod to go for, and id be interested in knowing (or being pointed to) a decent tutorial on how to get a stable version of android (something custom which will allow extra functionality, like cyanogen l guess) on my phone while also giving me back some internal phone storage.. any information would be greatly appreciated.