Newbie here, so I hope that these questions are in the correct forum. I am running v2.3.3, and using a Macbook with OS 10.6.7

1. is there a way of 'speed scrolling' to the top of pages (eg. top of my twitter feed or the top of a pdf document)? I know my iPhone allowed me to touch the status bar to return to the top of a page

2. notifications of email - is there a way to set notifications so that the phone vibrates more than once? I use the GMail app.

3. any suggestions on the best app to manage large music libraries? I am having trouble with Kies on the Mac (it is very slow to start, slow to load files, doesn't always sync my phone, etc). I found Winamp for Mac beta better (I'm early on in my trial of this product), but at first blush it seems slower.

4. my phone is unlocked. Is there an OS for this phone newer than 2.3.3?

Thank you in advance. Glad to be part of what seems to be a very vibrant community!

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