Hello All,

I recently purchased samsung ace duos s6802. issue is if i press " wired headphones" button while listening to radio, radio getting switched off and music player is starting. i went samsung service statiosn and even they dont know about it, they don't have solution to resolve. i have done all updates in my phone. i am looking for a solution for this. when listening to songs from music player, if i press wired headphones it is just pausing, no problem for that. is there any update available for this problem? or bluetooth headphones resolve my need?

if you want to steps which i am facing the issue, please find below
1) Connect wired headphones (which came with phone)
2) Play radio
3) press the headphones button (once or twice)
4) observe radio is getting off and music player starting or not

if you are not facing any above issues, or if you have a solution, please mail me at phani981@hotmail.com