I am building a HTPC. Right now I have Windows 7 running on it. I am having an issue getting the layout like i want it. I am trying to get XBMC to run as a shell but I still need to back to windows to open firefox so I can get to Netflix.

I was thinking maybe I should partition my hard drive and install android on part of it. I could then (in thery) have a netflix app right on my desktop, just like my phone does. I have other media in mp4, mkf, flv, mp3, jpeg, mkv, on an external HDD. I would need to be able to access that as well.

Main question: 1) Is this even possible?

secondary question: 2) what are the hardware limitations? I have a MCE remote I would like to use with this if possible.
3) can someone direct me to the right forum that would explain how to do this?
4) I assume I can boot the htpc to the android partition, but will there be a way to get back to the windows one if need be?
5) I also assume that I will be able to access the external drive remotely via my network, is this correct? currently, I have to run an app so I can download files from m phone or kindle, but have to connect the device to a computer via a usb cord to upload to them.