Hi All, Newbie here 😀

I have just purchased a cheap Acoustic Solutions (AS) ‘HiFi with WiFi’ from Argos as my CD player on my old (but great sounding Sony HiFi) stopped working. The AS device is Android powered but when playing through the speakers provided sounds awful.

My Problem : I connected the AS from its headphone socket to the AUX IN of my Sony and it sounds great. However, when changing tracks, either CD or Bluetooth connected music player (iPhone or Samsung J5) there is a loud ‘POP’. This happens every time when either skipping to the next track or allowing the player to play tracks in sequence. I have tried both expensive and cheap 3.5mm phono to RCA(2) cables.

i can only find one reference to this happening on a Google Search with no resolution.

Does anyone have any ideas? Many Thanks 🙂