REALLY hope someone can help with this.

I recently bought a 32GB misco SD card for my Galaxy S2 and have been having serious problems transerring over my music to it.

I originally set up a sync list with Windows Media Player and tried the sync option. After about 14%, it told me the sync had finished. When I looked at my phone, I noticed that it had only synched about 5GB worth of music. A lot of these music files came with an error about the file not being supported by the media player.

Since then, I've tried countless options to try and resolve this. I've been suggested iSynchr, which transferred over the music, but again gave me the same error on a lot of the files about it not being supported by the player.

I also installed MixZing and DoubleTwist - 2 music players I heard potentially solved this problem - and I've still not been able to get the music to work.

I discovered that putting .mp3 at the end of the song title, before transferring it to the phone, initially seemed to work (odd though, as all the music was already mp3). However, when I've went in today, the files still don't appear to play.

I've then tried torrent apps like aDownloader and tTorrent - both of which worked fine, but they saved all the music to the USB storage instead of the SD card, which quickly filled up as it's only 11GB. I specified it save directly to SD card, but it still went to USB storage.

Has anybody been encountering similar problems and can offer a hand. It's driving me crazy now - music shouldn't be this difficult to transfer.

Thanks for any help.