Hello all,

I made a MediaPlayer that plays a live stream, it worked perfectly, until I had to install on an Android 2.2 (Froyo) which did not work, he gets caught while invoking prepare and also prepareAsync, not error, but does not touch anything.

Poll Finds that this is a bug in version 2.2, which I understand was done until a correction in android.kernel.org, but I think it was not distributed to the phones through the carriers.

Well, I wonder if anyone has used or uses another method, such as Shoutcast satisfactorily and could give me a hint or even share the code so I can test it.

I tried to follow a tutorial Shoutcast and implement a variety of ways, but it is not so perfect, giving notice when the audio is exchanged.

Note: No emulator works, but not the device.

Thanks for any help that is sent.
[] 'S