I use Windows Media Player to hold all of my music. Everything on the Windows Media Player is good - song, artist, album.

When I connect my phone to my PC (via USB cord or by just the SD card), again, everything looks fine on Windows Media Player when I click on my device.

Here's the problem...

On my phone, somehow, when the sync went through, it doesn't recognize the artists???

I click on Music, then Artists, and at the top of the list, it says "Unknown Artist 253 songs". I click on that and it lists my albums (great), if I click on one of the albums, I see the song name, then "unknown artist".

I have tried all kinds of ways to fix this - getting rid of the music on my SD card & resyncing it; plugging in my phone to the Windows Media Player and checking artists that way; clicking on the song & then details & holding down "Artists: <unknown> thinking I can correct that - but nothing.

I have also tried to fix it on the phone by clicking & holding onto the artist while the song is playing & that doesn't help either.

There has to be a way to correct this. Any advice and suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated! Thanks!!