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Thread: SGN Incall Audio Problem

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    SGN Incall Audio Problem

    i own a 7 day old samsung galaxy note
    its a great phone
    it came from a postpaid plan from smart communications
    at the back it sez made in vietnam (?)

    ive got this problem

    i dont have in call audio
    i dont hear anything when im on a call
    the other party doesnt hear anything from me as well

    but when im on skype call
    audio is crips and clear

    even on voice recording
    and on video recording
    audio is clear

    will flashing a rom fix this problem?
    will upgrading to ICS fix this problem?

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    Hi there edseldavila and welcome to Android.Net! We are delighted to have you as a member of our forum.

    Regarding your audio problem, I'm afraid that I cant be a lot of help - I'm not a technician. Fortunately, we have an outstanding group of guys known as the Rescue Squad, and they really are EXPERTS at solving problems like yours. If you can be patient and hang on for awhile, one of them will swing by and give you a hand.

    Alternatively, you could check out our sister forum Samsung Galaxy Forum - Galaxy S2 Forum they may be more familiar with the Galaxy Note - in fact, one of the Rescue Squad guys over there, named Ollie, just recently got a Note for his own use. Either way - here or there - you're in good hands. The Rescue Squad s the best around at problem solving.

    Welcome aboard buddy!
    GSM Galaxy Note 3 (Black) - Straight Stock
    GSM Galaxy Note 2 (Titanium) - Rooted running Jedi X20 Rom
    GSM Galaxy Nexus (Black) - Straight Stock

    GSM Samsung Galaxy S3 (Red) - Rooted running Deadly Venom v8.0.1 Rom

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    Same issue.

    I have the same problem..
    I really don't think it is the microphone or earpiece ect.
    That all works perfectly in voice recorder & other applications.
    Have you had any luck fixing it.?

    My issues
    -No audio in both outgoing & incoming calls. ( both ends, Mine & The person receiving my call or calling me.
    -No dial tone(tone when making outgoing call.
    -'Speaker Phone' doesn't function either.

    Solutions I've tried... sadly no successful outcome.
    -Factory Reset
    -System Update
    -Virus Scan/checked the system for harmful viruses, malware &/or spyware. (Just in case.)
    - Restarting the phone/ taking battery out for 2-5 minutes, Temporarily fixes it problem, It shortly returns.
    -Checked Microphone for dust or blockages.
    -Replacement of simcard. (I read in another forum bad "sim cards" (cause faulty call connections)

    It's really strange, I will place/receive a call & the problem will happen, I hang up Place/Receive call again, still no audio for 2 or 3 times..... BUT with persistence it will usually work a 4th or 5th time.
    & by 'work' I literally mean everything is FINE,
    I CAN hear the dial tone, I CAN hear the other person/they CAN hear me, & Speaker works.
    Sadly this doesn't last, only works for 1 maybe 2 calls.
    For this to happen when I place an outgoing call I need to hang up & redial multiple times asap -soon as I see the caller id/call screen display, I will hand up & quickly redial. Success!
    For incoming calls to connect the same thing must happen. Hang up redial. & repeat.
    But I'm completely unsatisfied with it not working correctly the 1st time.


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    I think you need to replace your speaker, I think it is damaged and replacing it might solve the problem.

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