I've had my G2 a little over a year with few problems. Last month I copied the contents of my 8g SD card to a 32g card then swapped them. Since then, I have had continual problems with custom ringtones. I have a handful of .mp3's I put in the Ringtones folder on the card and assigned to various contacts. Since swapping cards, the phone keeps changing my ringtones to a random .mp3 from anywhere on the sd card--usually from the Music folder, but it has also used a voicemail that I had downloaded from Gmail. When I look at an individual contact, it lists the new .mp3 that it has chosen, and I can change back to the one I have.

This has happened twice that I have noticed, once immediately after changing the card. I changed my most frequent contacts back to the ringtones I wanted, and all was good for at least a couple weeks. A few days ago I added a bunch of music. After that, my custom ringtones changed again. Any way to fix or prevent this?