Hello everyone! I'm a newbie here. Been working on getting my new Galaxy S3 visible on my laptop. Just discovered that my phone can't be recognised on the laptop because it has all USB 3 ports! Apparently, the ports aren't backwards-compatible to USB 2.0 devices and I can't locate a 3.0 driver for my new AT&T Galaxy S3.

I have my phone unlocked and set for Mass Storage Mode; that's all done. I do see that my phone is visible in my "devices and printers" applet in Control Panel, but it appears as an Optical Drive! Something's wrong there, I think.

I have doubleTwist installed on thte laptop, but the program doesn't find the phone - probably the USB3 ports are to blame.

Can someone please help me with this? I can be reached off-forum at: ac1wye at gmail

Thanks for your help, I sure appreciate it!

Sandy Gerli