Have you sometimes meet the problem: your cell phone turns off automatically and you totally have no idea why it happens? Maybe the following text can give you the answers.

1. Your set your phones to be shut off sometime before, but you foeget what you shave done. What a bad memory you have, guy!

2. The power of your cell phone battery runs out so that it is automatically power off. You’s better charge it immediately at that moment. Please remember to charge your phone when its power runs low.

3. There is something wrong with the softwares of your phone. Maybe the software newly installed is incompatible with the system of cell phone, so that your phone complains to you in this way.

4. Your cell phone is infected with a virus which can shut down your phone. In this situation, you have to search for a doctor for your phone.

5. There is a hardware failure of your cell phone. The broken power amplifier may lead to auto shutdown. The overheat CPU is another common reason.

6. The components of your cell phone get loose. For example, when the cell phone battery is not connected with the phone closely, the phone can not get power from the battery so that it is turned off.

7. There are some problems with your cell phone battery. If the protective circuit of the battery is too sensitive, the cell phone will be shut off when the current becomes larger. The battery which is too old to work can not offer power. That the battery sheetmetal is dusty or rusty, which leads to poor contact, can also result in auto shutdown.