Hi, I'm new here, and new to Android phones etc. I just got an Android Galaxy S3 and am getting use to it and trying to set it up correctly to fit my lifestyle, which is "on the road a lot". I am in business for myself, and need my phone while driving, in public, etc... ONE of the problems I'm facing right now is, that I have the phone set to alert me through S Voice, when I have phone calls, text messages, etc.. I'm planning on, and am doing so now, using my bluetooth most of the time. Problem is that when I receive an alert, the alert goes through my phone so everybody around can here it. I'm wanting it to go through my "bluetooth" when I have it connected. Is there an app that I need to do this? I think I finally got most of my "bugs" out of getting my phone calls, but I forsee these alerts may be a problem for me in public. Thanks a lot