Meizu MX3 has just been upgraded to Android 4.4 by a new release of Flyme, 3.6.2A, that is available from today.
With this upgrade Meizu will also be the first smartphone company that will address the problem of poor earphones performance including also some third party models.

Earphones most often do not do justice to the recordings but a technically advanced solution has been devised by taking advantage of the smartphone's processing capability by using it as a DSP sound processor and by measuring and custom tailoring both impulse and frequency response of each available earphone profile.

This technology is named Dirac HD Sound, details are available here:

As of now there are earphone profiles and presets available for the following Meizu earphones:

Meizu EP 20
Meizu EP 20S
Meizu EP 21

and for the first time there are also custom tailored profiles for the following popular earphones:

Sennheiser CX200
Sennheiser IE8i
Audio Technica ES7
Audio Technica CKM500

Ciao, Flavio