Hi ALL !
I have new issue today.
My home wifi stop working today after few days of using.
Everything seems to be ok.
The indicator of the wifi is green.
Samsung show the message "airlive is connected" as usual but internet do not work.
My old nokia have no problem using my wifi also galaxy S4 of my brother.

I tried many tricks from internet from basic to difficult:
on off the wifi
restart the phone
i turned off auto switching the mobile data and wifi
remove my wifi from the list and I connected it again
turn off sleep wifi mode
I installed few applications to repair wifi
soft restart of the note2
hard reset of the note 2
manual reset and erasing cache the of note2
hard reset of my ovislink airlive wifirouter (the nokia and galaxy S4 have no problem with wifi again)

No Success!

The free wifi of the nearby pizzeria is working (other too).

I have latest official 4.4.2 kit kat
NOTE 2 GT-N7100

Any ideas anyone ?
Thank you for help!