Hi there, guys. I've got a few dilemmas to solve. I bought in June 2015 Sony Xperia Z3 D6603, Android 5.0.2 and I've got from late December 2012 Akron TabTen T10A (this is some unpopular tablet sold only in Bulgaria, where I live). It has got big screen - 4 times the screen of the Xperia Z3 which is the larger model. I like it as it is suitable for my needs, it is my first Android device and I like it. It came with proper plain Browser & Gallery. Unfortunately the Sony came up equipped with truckload of bloatware and doth of these apps i had to uninstall. They were Chrome and Google Photos, I'm not a fan of Chrome and that pictures app was always alerting me how I could join all my pictures, videos, share, bull****, etc. etc. and I uninstaled it. I downloaded a better gallery from the store but it shows me ads. I would want to know it if's possible & if so how to copy those apps from the tablet and put the dublicated onto the Sony. I also liked the blue bubbles dynamic wallaper from the tablet and I would also want to put the exactly same on my phone. Truly said I find the 4.0.4 far more user-friendly, cool, with better design and functionality than the 5.0.2. After 1-2 years after the warranty expires, I think, if it's possible to put 4.0.4 on it. Also recommend some way to safely delete the completely useless to me Google & Co. bloatware like Chrome, Lifelog, Google disc, they can't be deleted from the installed apps menu
I will upload pictures and a video of the wanted things from my tablet.
I will need the gallery with full permissions like me to be able to delete pictures from there wihout them being restored after I restart the app.
The gallery app is those in which is written 2160P and underneath is written Галерия.Name:  Screenshot_2016-03-24-18-50-58.png
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