Hi, Im new to this forum.

i live in China since about 4 weeks. Since i got here, my phone shows aexclamation mark in the upper task bar next to the internet connection. It also appears when my WIFI is turned on. It says that no internet connection is available which is wrong. I have internet access and I can use all services except google services and applications.

A friend mentioned that this might be because the phone verifies a internet connection in contacting a server. If the server sends a signal back, the phone knows that it has access to the internet. However, if this server does not send an answer, the phone signalizes me that I do not have internet access.

Is this theory true?
If yes, how can I solve this issue and if not, how can I solve this issue anyway?

I use a Samsung Galaxy S4 mini with cyanogenmod 13.

Thanks in advance,