Hello all,
Just a few days ago, I decided to root one of my really old phones as the warranty expired and it could be put to good use if all the bloatware was removed. However, shortly after rooting, I tried to install another rom (for android 4.0) which resulted in an installation error, so I also wiped the /system folder in ClockworksMod. At this point my phone became stuck in a boot loop.

I still had the root-stock rom zip also on my phone, and since I could still boot into ClockworksMod, I thought that reflashing the root-stock would fix it. Reflashing root-stock proved to do nothing, and so I wiped the /data /dalvik /cahce (all the other wipe options in CWM) seeing as some people suggested that after a quick google. If I put my phone in download (odin) mode, Windows 8 does not recognize the device (even though the drivers are installed) and Odin cannot detect the device. As of yet, my phone is still stuck in a boot loop, can anyone else help me?

Thanks in advance,