I had the display on my Samsung S6 replaced. When the tech was finished he told me it would take 5 minutes for my phone to set up and to not touch it and let it go through the motions. He did not do a factory reset. Unfortunately I saw the screen and did touch it during the 5 minutes. It asked to connect to WiFi and so I did then it asked for my Samsung password and so I entered that too. It ends up that my cell phone is now NOT back to my original setup. The Samsung memo app is blank whereas I had 20 notes in there. There aren't any messages in my Samsung messages app nor photos in my camera Gallery. I know how to get my photos back through the Verizon Cloud but I would prefer to go back to the way my phone was because of lost pieces of information that I am missing in the Samsung apps it seems) etc. Can you please, please help me? Thank you, Casandra