Hi. First time poster here, but I feel that I could start a good discussion with this if anyone is more knowledgable of it than I am. Going to have to buy myself a new device, and I would really like to be able to search out the best that I can get for the money. For me, $800.00 for a phone is just not an option, so I am looking to find out what I get that will provide strong performance through the processors, but at a lower price point.

All I know is that I have seen a lot of the Snapdragon's and I figure there must be something that is its equivalent under a different name. Just like AMD and INTEL processors in desktop and laptop systems.

How many chipset manufacturers are there actually?
Does anyone have a favorite based on spectacular performance?
Which ones out there right now are considered top of the line?

Would really like any information that I could get on this, so please feel free to say anything.