Hi I've bought a moto G 4 and astonished to see it doesn't have a gallery on it to view photos! I also note that theres no way to rotate photos without first going in to edit, then a few other impractical options. (by rotate the photo I mean actually rotating the image - rather than just rotating the screen. Basically I need to rotate photos to the correct way up so that when I list things on ebay, post photos on social media etc, they're the correct way up).

Please can somebody recommend a bloat-free gallery that will put the usual android options on it being able to 'rotate right' and 'rotate left' at the click of one setting?

I see theres hundreds of apps on the playstore but I don't know which developers to trust. I would rather have a legit app with no spyware or hidden stuff that will hamper the device's performance.

The device does have google photos on it but I don't want to rely on this. I cant share photos from google photos to flickr and whatsapp - nor is there an easy option to rotate the image.