Hello, folks!

I'm new in this forum, so I registered just to ask this specific question:

Is there some way to prevent one app steal focus of another app in Android?
I'm a ride share driver, so I work with both the ride share app and Waze app open at the same time, but constantly, close to the end of the trip, the ride share app steal focus from the Waze app, and sometimes I totally lost my way, having to stop the car, and manually give focus to Waze again.

Besides being very annoying, this is very dangerous, because sometimes is impossible to stop the car in a safe place before switching focus again.

This is something that's really driving me crazy (literally) since I started driving ride share apps, so I desperately asking for your help for this problem.

My setup:
Motorola Moto X Play
Android 7.1.1 (Rooted)

Thanks in advance!