WiFi Tether and Torrents

This is a discussion on WiFi Tether and Torrents within the Android Forum forums, part of the Android Discussions category; Not only will you get Verizon calling you... you may get an e-mail from the Studios about possible lawsuits if it is copyright materials you ...

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Thread: WiFi Tether and Torrents

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    Not only will you get Verizon calling you... you may get an e-mail from the Studios about possible lawsuits if it is copyright materials you are sharing on torrents...it is the e-mail linked to your Verizon account that will get that notice... it happened to my friend,

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    I think it may work if you root the phone and encrypt all network traffic, but you would still be subject to data caps.

    Funny-in 2007 I lived in Portland, ME in an efficiency with no cable or dsl internet service. Full Verizon signal, always. Had notebook card and Blackberry with tethering service. 5 gig cap was in fine print, but not enforced. Was working as mobile service tech for local company, Toshiba, and other manufacturers. I downloaded distros, updates, movies and more every day and night. Streamed Howard Stern from Sirius.com every morning because trees, hills and buildings caused to much interference for satellite receiver. Never a lag or buffering. Customer service looked at my usage a few times while dealing with other issues, and just laughed. Sometimes I was over 20 gigs halfway through the month. When I explained my job and data requirements, they had no more questions.

    Then in 2008, AT&T released the SE Z750A, I think the first US 3g phone. Advertised it with youtube, xm radio, and several other data-intensive apps built in; as well as unlimited prepaid 3g for $19.99 monthly. Phone cost a few hundred bucks. Average speeds were well over 1m/s. I watched streaming video while browsing websites and using google maps all at once with no issues. After just a few months, they dropped unlimited data and raised price to $19.99 for 100 megs, making half the advertised features useless. Youtube on medium quality could burn through 100 megs in an hour! Mysteriously, the web sites advertising unlimited plans disappeared, and the packaged stock in stores disappeared too. Even by today's standards it was a decent phone, had task manager and could run multiple apps. And the way AT&T's network was set up then, they couldn't tell if you were tethering or not, only see that data was being used. Last time I use them for anything.

    We're being screwed more every month, and AT&T are leading the way. We now have phones that can download high-def movies from Netflix anywhere, but two movies would go well over a 5-gig cap. Charging per device even though using one can be used for a hot-spot is a rip-off, too. And the fact is, the network equipment and bandwidth is rapidly dropping in price for the carriers, and is being designed to be much easier to upgrade as technology improves. Data caps also hinder software development. We're going backwards. Of course, information is power, and we can't let the average citizen have too much power, they might start making informed decisions.

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