Apps are the most important part of any tablet right now. But great apps need great hardware to run, no matter what Apple says.

"A lot of folks in the tablet market are rushing in and they're looking at this as the next PC…and they're talking about speeds and feeds just like they did with PCs." That's what Steve Jobs says about specs in this new "post-PC" world of tablets and smartphones.
Ironically, where speeds and feeds don't matter as much anymore for the average user is in the PC world, because hardware there is, in most cases, "good enough." But in the mobile world—where smartphones and tablets are evolving very quickly—they still matter more than they do in PCs. Even if they're not an end to themselves. They are, after all, what enable the software magic to happen.

They're what make games like Infinity Blade look and feel incredible. Produce astoundingly good photos. Sear our eyeballs with intensely beautiful colors and thousands and thousand of pixels on a screen. They're what allow software to have the shimmer of verisimilitude, responding to every touch and intention instantly, so it feels like we're actually manipulating something real, not a bundle of code and graphics.
So how do the iPad 2 and Android's best tablet to date, the Motorola Xoom, compare in specs? And when does it matter?

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