Hi All!

I just created a live android wallpaper using the tutorials etc. And it works very well, however I am having trouble achieving device independence!
In the sense that, the wallpaper looks perfect on motorola milestone, which has a hdpi = 240. However on mobiles with ldpi = 120 or mdpi=160 the wallpaper looks flattened.
The background of the wallpaper is a bitmap, which I fit to the mobile by doing,
width = holder.surfaceFrame.getWidth() * 3 (where 3 is the no.of panels)
height = holder.surfaceFrame.getHeight()
canvas.drawBitmap(backgroundBitmap, null, new Rect(xOffset, yOffset, xOffset+width,yoffset+ht),null);

The canvas drawBitmap draws the entire canvas into the destination rectangle whose coordinates are determined by the device / screen width & height, which I get by using surface holder's frame dimensions. However, though this fits the entire background in the device, for some mobiles the wallpaper appears flattened as in circles appear as horizontal oval shapes.

I have read the screen independence tutorials about settings in android manifest.xml and I am using min sdk version= 7 which should allow support for small/large screens but still I get this problem. I cannot use device specific backgrounds unfortunately.

Can anyone tell me whether this is caused due to a resolution problem or what I could do to fix this ?