Dear All,

I have recently bought a new Samsung Galaxy Pro (B7510) with Android OS 2.2.2 (Build DDKC4).

Samsung Galaxy Pro B7510 - Full phone specifications

I am pretty happy with the phone barring two issues, which are:

1) When I make or receive voice calls I hear voice spikes from time to time during the call duration. It does not happen for all calls, instead it is unpredictable. I am not sure of the cause. When I looked on the Samsung webpage for any possible tests/fixes, the webpage asked to run a diagnostic test using the following code *#0*# and then choosing reception melody. It said while the reception melody is playing and if I hear any interruption or disturbance of any kind then the device is faulty. But on running this test the phone passed it flawlessly.

Now I am not sure what could the problem. Is anybody else experiencing this on their Galaxy Pro (B7510) or any other Android phone? Please help me with this issue as it is really annoying.

2) my phone's GPS takes a lot of time to find & connect to the GPS satellites . Is this normal? How long should it take to find & connect on all Android based phone? Is there a way to improve connection speed? Please help...

Thanking you in advance......