Hi all,

it's my first visit here so I will briefly introduce myself: my name is Michele, I'm 39 and I have a Samsung Galaxy Tab which I bought some months ago.
The reason why I bought it is trying to integrate organizer 'extended' functions and phone capability on one device. I am not using it to be permanently connected to the internet...Actually (but I didn't know it before buying it) the fact that Android constantly pushes you towards the net is what bugs me most.

I'm an enginneer, so most of my work is done in a stable environment and doesn't involve keeping in touch with people all the time. On the other hand, the possibility to keep track of your tasks and things-to-do wherever you are, with the same kind of interface, is pretty interesting.

While thinking at it, it occurred to me that a very nice feature would be if I could take my notes using voice, and then having them converted into text. I am already in tne process of evaluating some desktop software (Nuance's Dragon) but of course being able to use my Tab would just be fantastic.

I couldn't find anything really working on the market, but the thing that really upset me, and I want to be sure there's nothing to do about it, is that you can't use the Android built in speech engine if you're not connected to the Internet!!

That means, among other things, that every word you say can be possibly stored somewhere...Is there any setting to change to have the engine work offline as well?

Thanks for helping,