Does anyone here own an Android 2.3 OS Tablet PC,or any experience on tablet pc buying?

I bicycle tour. Normally I use a GPS with maps that has served me well but the screen is very small and it makes planning very difficult.

I was considering buying a tablet PC for both mapping and logging of my trips.

I have read that there is an app for Android tablets and it will cache Google Maps when you reach a hot spot or 3G connection. That way you have the maps when or if you lose a connection.

I probably wouldn't spring for 3G so for sure I would be losing a connection pretty quick once I hit the road.

So, anyone here pls help me to choose a tablet pc. and i have a budget around $200, would be with android 2.3 OS, capacitive screen, and at least a 1Ghz processor, 512RAM (suggestioned by someone).

Any suggestions and recommendations here? and someone just recommend this: Android 2.3 Tablet PC - Apad Android 2.3 - Android 2.3 Tablets
seems a good list of android 2.3 tablet PC. how do you think? thanks a lot!