Don't have much sensitive data on my phone but would like to set my phone up to where if it was lost/stolen people could not read my g-mail (don't care if they see texts). I set up the PIN lock in settings but that does nothing as when I first turn on the phone, my g-mail app shows up on my screen and you can click on it and it opens up. Now, while testing, a few times I've exited my g-mail, and THEN, after the fact, it had me enter the PIN. How can I set it up so that the PIN pad shows up BEFORE I access my g-mail.

Although a pain, suppose I also need to have it set up so that the PIN is entered every time I check my g-mail since if I lose my phone after I've used the PIN to gain access, someone else could immediately open it if the PIN only has to entered every time the phone is powered up again.

Suppose setting up a pin to view contacts might be best, too???