SAMSUNG S5 PV210 vs. AMLogic 8726-M

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Thread: SAMSUNG S5 PV210 vs. AMLogic 8726-M

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    SAMSUNG S5 PV210 vs. AMLogic 8726-M

    In the pandawillforum, I read the passage that analysises the two processors, and think it is good for those who want to buy tablet pc, so share it here.


    SAMSUNG S5PV210 and AMLogic 8726-M are both good processors, but what the differences between them and which is better? The below will reveil the problem.

    1, AML8726-M is
    a 65nm manufacturing process processor, while S5PV210 45nm manufacturing process. A9 essentially lowers power consumption, but AML8726-M 65nm manufacturing process is relatively backward, in power consumption , it does not save much; besides, why AML8726-M ' s main frequency is limited to 800MHz is right because of the power consumption and heating problems.

    2, AML8726-M 's main frequency is 800MHz, S5PV210 1GHz. In theory, A9 is 20% faster than A8 in same frequency condition, but even so, 960MHz is lower than 1GHz, or rather, AMLogic is slower than S5PV210. Besides, Samsung’s honeycomb is a modification to enhance the core, with higher efficiency in the same frequency (+10% -20%).The tested performance is far better than other ordinary A8 processor.
    (Note: ipad1's processor is the variant of Samsung pv210 chip, only changes PowerVR SGX540 to SGX535, therefor 3D performance is slightly reduced. In addition, VXD370 is changed to VXD375 for video decoding, the specific difference is not clear; with 640KB of L2 cache)

    3, AML8726-M
    's L2 cache is only 128K, while S5PV210 reaches 512K, 3 times worse! Larger L2 cache meanshigher data hit ratein the same period, in short, it is to make the processor more efficient. The L2 cache affects of the chip manufacturing cost a lot, so AML8726-M chip is relative cheaper among low-end chips. Of course, AML8726-M 's 128K of L2 cache may also be limited by the 65nm process, L2 increasewill lead to an increase in the number of transistors inside the CPU, but even the 65nm process technology, only a 128K secondary cache is really a little small.After all, Freescale iMX515 , which is 65nm process, has 256K L2 cache.

    In GPU, AML8726-M integrated graphics core Mali-400, S5PV210 integrated graphics core the PowerVR SGX 540. No doubt, the single-core Mali-400 is outshined definitelyby the famous PowerVR SGX 540,no advantage at all. Default frequency, Mali-400 gets the triangular output rate 30M / s, pixel fill rate 275M / s; while the PowerVR SGX 540 of the triangular output rate of 35M / s, pixel fill rate achieves 1000M / s. Of course, the actual performance differences are not so great as the theoretical values, butonly in the performance on the graphics core, PowerVR SGX 540 and even exceeds the Tegra 2 dual-core processor integrated GeForce Ultra Low Power GPU.
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