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Hi All, Am new this forum and in desperate need of some advice/help.

I have had my Samsung Galaxy s2 for a few months and had about 1000 photos and videos stored on it.
A few nights ago my darling baby boy who is all of 2 managed to successfully delete every last one of my photos and videos.
First of all I am just kicking myself for letting him play with my phone and secondly I am kicking myself for not backing them
up on my computer.

Has anyone else lost photos and been able to recover them? I don't have an extra memory (Sd card) in my phone....it's just as
was bought from the shop.

I did download a picture recovery program called "Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery". It seemed to have good reviews and said
it could recover photos from the Samsung Galaxy S2 but when it told me to "select a storage device for recovery" It didn't seem
to give me the option to locate my photo despite me having it plugged in to my PC.

Any help would be much appreciated....thanks so much for reading.

Leayshia (aka...one frustrated mum)
I agree, it was a VERY bad move letting a small child play with your cellphone.