Hello Android.net Forum,

Whenever I reboot my device the applications that are installed on my SD card lose their icons (which are in different folders). When I reboot I'm prompted with a question: "Restarting your phone will clear temporary files out of memory. Would you like to restart your phone now?" Is there any work-around so that my icons aren't deleted when my phone has finished booting? My OS is 2.3.3. I've seen other threads on forums post this question however no solution was given. Just wondering if there are any new updates.

Also, is there a reason that most of the apps I download do not rotate to a normal orientation on my screen? Meaning, some applications can't rotate so I need to hold my blackberry style phone sideways and use the application that way instead of having the phone in the right orientation (qwerty keyboard right side up). Also, I can't download attachments from my Mail application, but I can in my gmail application using the Save Attach app, why can't I do it in both? Finally, I can't download ESPN Scorecenter, that's going to be a problem, is there anyway I can change that?