Need someone who can convert GENUINE java to ANDROID Java ... (Java->Dalvik VM)

i have just visited HUMNUT and I am trying to use humnut on android zenithink 180 which is the c71 tablet
HumNut Company Info
We are Humnut. A Dublin based company that started as an idea and with only 250 in 2008 the company was established. Our goal back then was to create a truly free way of making telephone calls to landlines. That was our aim then, and it is still our aim today.

The difference being, we now have the technology up and running.

So how we do it is simple.

We have sourced and are using some of the latest in technologies to run our service and we aim to give our users the best quality we possibly can. Our technology that we use for making the telephone calls is constantly under development and we invest heavily in making it user friendly.


Android = Java |

open the Browser, press Menu and touch More > Settings>
Tap and put a check mark on this two options: "Enable JavaScript" and "Enable plug-ins"

If a website developer converts their Java .class files to .dex files needed by the Android platform, then that might work.

the Android platform is NOT Java. It is
an entirely new platform which, at best, has a compatibility layer for
Java code.

Android uses the Dalvik VM, which is a register-based VM whereas JVM
is stack-based. Neither the specification nor the source code for
Dalvik are available, but it is clear that the bytecodes are quite
different from Java bytecodes. There is a translation tool from JVM
bytecode (.class files) to Dalvik bytecode (.dex files) but it is a
build-time tool only. JVM bytecodes are never loaded onto an Android

The reason for the custom VM is that Dalvik is optimized to allow
> multiple instances of the VM to run simultaneously even in little
> memory. Each Android application runs in a separate Linux process.

please people keep sending HUMNUT requests to enable/convert website to android java... through humnuts contact form