Hello guys this is the first time im posting in this forum..well coming to the point..i purchased a samsung galaxy s2 4 months back.the phone was running good and fine till yesterday where i met with weird problem..as i work in airport the wifi seems to be an open network and i used browse through my mobile when im there..yesterday while trying to connect through wifi the wifi was not connecting and apparently it hung up in between..neither it is switching on nor is been functioning properly.the phone starts to heat up a lot(due to wifi remaining in on)..tried disconnecting it from the settings menu too but that too isnt working out..apparently at times the phone goes to flight mode automatically too and then to come back in range i have to switch the mob and then start it once over again..i tried pulling out the battery to disconnect the wifi but nothin seems to work out.can u guys help me out in solving this problem..

Im running on android 2.3.3(gingerbread) and havent updated to the latest version yet..is this problem somethin related to this?..kindly please throw in some light so that i can solve this issue