Hi there,

A couple weeks ago my previous sII some how wouldn't get any reception, so I took it to the vodafone store I got it from and was sent to repair, and just yesterday I received a replacement sII.

Last night I noticed that I couldn't make any calls while having full bar reception. I got my girlfriend to try calling me, and that didn't work neither. Same goes with SMS, couldn't send nor receive. This was at home so I was connected to my wifi. I tried turning the wifi off and was able to make/receive calls, send/receive SMS's.

I did a quick search on google and there was a thread in here with a quick fix where you turn network mode to GSM only and you should be able to make and send sms, vice versa. This sure enough worked, but it is quite annoying having to keep switching this around as GSM does not support 3G, just G.

Is this happening to anyone else? Anyone know a permanant fix to this?

Any help is appreciated.

my phone details are as follows:

version 2.3.5
basebande version i9100Tdukj1
kernel version s.6.35.7-i9100tdukj1-cl687461root@dell136#2
build number gingerbread.dukj1