Hello, I would appreciate some thoughts.
I currently have an iPhone 3GS which is extremely slow, buggy and a battery killer. I am about to finish my 2 year contract and am seriously considering the Samsung Galaxy Note. I have a few of questions. Would the Note last more than 2 years in regards to the speed, usability, CPU etc, better than what my iPhone has done. It is 16GB but only half full but getting quite annoying. Even though Apple said the latest IOS updates are suitable for the 3GS I think the specs of the phone cannot handle the upgrade, hence the buggy, lagging phone. My other question is I live in South Korea and we can only buy the LTE version (with no option to turn it off) and reports both in other countries and locally are that LTE is a battery killer, we are talking only a few hours of use before needing a charge. So if the phone is constantly searching for an LTE network (I presume that is the reason for the drain) as well as draining the battery does that also use more up more data? Currently I have an unlimited data plan but that option is not available for LTE. I think there has already been a software update for Android to help solve the battery drain (not sure if the reports are correct about that) but would it be better to wait for a more stable network? Oh and if the phone is on a WiFi network does that mean it is not searching for an LTE connection? Forgive my ignorance but I have no idea about all this technical stuff. I would love to here some opinions from users who have experienced the LTE network. I don't mind charging my battery frequently and I already carry an extra battery for my iPhone but for the money we have to spend on phones, why should we have to?

Thank You