I have an Andoid 2.2.1 insalled on my LG P500h (Optimum 1) The kernel version is and the built number is FRG83. I don't know what the kernel version is, nore do I know what the built number is.

Also, my mom just bought herself an LG P970g with Android 2.2 Froyo (Gingerbread Upgradable) Nova Display

My questions are:

1. What is kernel and built referring to?
2. If both me and my mom have LGs and Android 2.2 installed on it, why does she have the option of changing her fonts in her sms and menu, and I don't? For that matter, why does she have the cool talk bubble style text screen found on those facebook text joke images, and I don`t
3. (more importantly than two) How can I get it?
4. What are platforms? (I searched to upgrade my software and when I went on andoid.com, they were talking about platforms)

That`s all for now, but I think I should add that when it comes to andoids, I am a big noob this guy is cute!