I have a Samsung Galaxy S Android Mobile.

I have developed a robot based on Arduino Mega ADK. I am facing some difficulties on the software part. If people can help me out as I am very poor in software.
I want to connect the Mobile to the Arduino. That I have done . Now I want the following
a. The Mobile would take videos and would send it to the Laptop.
b. Based on the Video the user will instruct the robot to go to specified directions. Now the application to control the robot can be on the LaPTOP or on the Mobile. If it is on the mobile, then the Laptop should be able to start and control the app. If it is on the Laptop then it can direct the mobile which will inturn send the instruction to Arduino.

My next question is very silly. Is there any software to develop android app easily without much coding? I heard about App Inventor but couldnot start it.