hi All

I am really interested to explore andriod OS and don't know how it works as this device will be the first experience for me in the Andriod world


I am owning Samsung Galaxy Note 16GB with model No. GT-N7000B mfg. date - 29-01-2012
Doubt : I don't know what is the difference between model GT-N7000 and GT-N7000B and also there are various models of galaxy note
Please someone clarify me on this issue?????????????????


I also heard that it will get a upgrade of ICS OS soon (will this be free?) and when will we get and from where??
In addition, i heard that in S.Korea they engrave text at the back of note's cover with some laser beam.....i wish it is possible for my note too because i will be really pampering that device where $735 is not a joke :P

When will all the countries get this previlage to engrave text according to customers' needs?????????and also can it engrave logos???? As this is very good initiative made by the Samsung

As it is a andriod gingerbread OS, i have no idea about this OS
I love the S-pen features as i am kinda artist hope it will be upto optimum use

Though i don't know much about andriod but i have explored before purchasing this device
Youtube reviews, samsung promotion and tour videos in youtube really help me a lot to know about this device pretty well
I have also seen the presentation demo of andriod Ice cream Sandwich (ICS) features and it is awesom
1/ But my main concern is the folders and applications. Will this icon be customizable????? I really like to keep my own icons
Therefore, if it is not customizable, how is it possible.......???? i request to take this as a feedback
2/ I really like the home screen as it is our space..... I make up my own wallpaper for mobile
Note is having a great resolution (i.e., 1280 X 800 pixels) which is fabulous
Home screen Wallpaper has only two option-landscape view and potrait view. And we can have maximum of 7 homescreen. But we cannot setup individual wallpaper on those homescreen. This is not flexible so please andriod make this available on next OS.
and yeah i forgot to mention that i don't like live wallpapers as this effects the battery as well as processor
Instead i like to make wallpaper(WP) animate without effecting battery and processor (i.e., sliding to next homescreen animates WP too, continous roll over of same WP)
----to make it more clear (lets say first Homescreen has a WP displaying a spiderman's half right face and when we slide to next 2nd homescreen, WP for that homescreen displaying the other half of spider's man left face will be great) this is the type of automatic animation that i am talking about

Lastly, i don't know whether you guys will read this post or not but i have flown out all my ideas and opinions that i have kept myself for so long.

Please friends post your comments which will make me really happy and will feel that i am community of andriod forum and you guys are reading it

And please Please, would be grateful if you guys can answer my red highlighted queries.....................

Thank you and expecting more from my new GALAXY note, feel free..................... :D

Have a good day and catch ya later guys.....

"Kudos to ANDRIOD"