I recently moved from an iPhone to the Galaxy S ii with T-Mobile. Things are great, except for my issues with the music player. I'm looking for a music/podcast/audiobook player.
Obviously (see this thread...) There are a lot of great choices out there, and I've tested some, but still find myself looking for "the right one".

What I want in a player is:
1. Have a separate category for Podcasts – Some, like Winamp, put the Podcasts and audiobooks in with
the music. DoubleTwist does this right, but see below.
2. Have a separate category for audiobooks – see above.
3. Play podcasts in order, and go to the next one when one is finished (DoubleTwist just restarts playing
the same episode…Why?)
4. Play *.m4b format audiobooks (I have a lot in that format already…and it's the only one I know of that
allows for picking up where I left off).
5. Since I have been using itunes for a long time, and it is integrated into my ecosystem at home (Apple
TV, Airport Express) built-in iTunes syncing would be great, but I think I can utilize other tools (like
iSyncr or the DoubleTwist AirSync) for that.
6. Of course, the app should also play music, and allow to sort by Artists/Album/Genre…but so far ALL of
players seem to do that.

Of course, any suggestions for other features would be welcome…I'm sure there are tricks and ideas that I haven't thought of.
I suppose if I had to, I'd settle for a separate Podcast/audiobook player, but I would like to have it all in one package. no need to switch apps when i want to go to music from a podcast or vice-versa.

Thanks for the help!