I'm trying unsuccessfully at the moment, to set up email on my new Mini Gadget mg 638 7" android tablet. I want ro use my current email address from my ISP, Supanet. I have used the info from Supanet that I used, to set up my email on Microsoft Live Mail....ie

email address

user name

pop.supanet.com for the incoming pop3 server info
smtp.supanet.com for the outgoing server info.

For the other options required to set up the email service, I have guessed various answers, but still been unsuccessful.

I don't know what PORT numbers to use or the security type ie....'none', 'ssl', 'tls' etc. and you need to choose these options both for outgoing and incoming.

After writing to MiniGadgets and Supanet for help, each one just seemed to palm me off and suggested contacting the other one.
So it would appear that this Forum may be my 'last chance saloon'; so is there anyone who can help me, please?