Google is all set to provide its own media streaming device, the Nexus Q to the masses, which will allow Androites to stream content from the cloud directly on to their Android devices or TV sets. Letís take a look at what its hardware has in store for us.

It is an almost spherical device, as the bottom is flat for it to be placed on top of a TV set. It weighs 2 pounds, and it is split by a ring of 32 LEDs at a 45-degree angle. When you power this device up, the orb is surrounded by a colorful ring around the center and has a tiny pinhole camera in the middle. The front has a blue LED and the upper half of the device has a free-spinning knob meant for controlling the volume. A touch-sensitive mute button is also present. It features 1GB of RAM and 16GB of space, and its back has ports for optical audio outs and micro HDMI. It also features an ethernet jacket. It has an Android 4.0 ICS and a dual-core processor. Wireless connectivity is through Bluetooth, dual-band 802.11n Wi-Fi and NFC. It also has a set of banana hack speaker outs for powering up speakers with a 25 watt amplifier built in the device. Now thatís a lot of features!

You can pre-order this device at Google Play and it is priced at $299.