Help, for the love of whatever, help!!! Okay, I've posted this question on at least four other sites. Ain't nobody talkin'. Someone has got to know what's up with Shoutcast not working on Android! Shoutcast not likey Android? Android not likey Shoutcast?

Starting a "webcasting station" with Shoutcast servers beaming out the goodness. I can take any BlackBerry, Windows, or Apple device/PC and access the stream from the site's player which is HTML5/Flash fallback. Android, got notta. Actually, got something. The stream will play for anywhere from :15-:30 seconds and then cut off, then about :15 or so seconds later will connect again for about :03 seconds, and then finally nothing. What up?! Even Winamp on Andriod does the same thing. Is this a Flash problem or Shoutcast problem or Android problem?

I can't leave out the Android community by having the stream not compatible with it. It must be remedied. Does Icecast do this same thing? Thoughts...please!