Confused by the Android 4.0 ICS Folder Structure

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Thread: Confused by the Android 4.0 ICS Folder Structure

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    Confused by the Android 4.0 ICS Folder Structure

    Let me first say is I'm trying to move the camera DCIM folderr to the SD card, and not store on the tablet's internal memory. From what I can Google, this appears to be possible in the settings of the Camera app on previous versions, but I can find no way with the ICS Camera app.

    In researching this, I've gotten totally confused by the folder structure of my Archos 101 G9 tablet running ICS 4.0.

    My favorite Android explorer is File Expert. When I open it and My Files, it shows 2 entries, 1 called "SD Card" and 1 called "Phone Internal Storage".

    By experimentation, I've discovered that "SD Card" is not actually my 32 GB micro SD card. If I add some files to it using a Windows 7 card reader, the additions do NOT show in the tablet "SD Card" folder. Someone intentionally made this confusing.

    So what is "SD Card"? Well, by looking around I've discovered that these 3 point to the same place:

    /SD Card/dcim
    /Phone Internal Storage/mnt/data/dcim
    /Phone Internal Storage/mnt/storage/dcim

    3 aliases for exactly the same files. None of which are on the external SD card. Why? I have no idea.

    So where is the REAL SD Card? Well it's not under the top level SD Card as I said. Instead, again by adding files the SD card using Windows 7 Explorer and a card reader, the real SD card is actually here:

    /Phone Internal Storage/mnt/sdcard

    Those are the files I see with the Windows card reader.

    So there is no short cut way on this tablet to get to the actual SD card. The top level "SD Card" entry don't point there.

    So back to my project, getting the camera to put the new pictures on the actual SD card. So I tried movsing the dcim folder from:

    /Phone Internal Storage/mnt/data/dcim
    /Phone Internal Storage/mnt/sdcard/dcim

    That does move them to the SD card, but the Camera insists on on continuing to store new picture in a old internal location, leaving me with 2 different dcim locations, with only the first being used the camera.

    The "SD Card" File Expert shows at the very top level actually points to an INTERNAL drive that has 4.54 GB of 6.44 GB used. It's no wonder it's filling up because of all the photos and videos going to an INTERNAL drive, rather than my large 32 GB external SD card.

    If someone knows how we got in this mess with the root "SD Card" shown my File Expert not pointing to the actual SD card, I would be very interested in a hearing a history lesson.

    But back to what started this, how can I persuade the ICS Camera spp to store new pictures to a dcim folder on the physical SD card? That would be something like:

    /Phone Internal Storage/mnt/sdcard/dcim



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    I had a very similar problem when the notification sounds I moved to the external sd card weren't showing up as selections when I wanted to set default notification sounds. Actually that's not entirely correct, I had a weird issue, but I found out what the main problem was...

    For my Galaxy Note ICS if I want to put "notification" sounds on the external sd card I have to go into "sdcard\external_sd\"

    Once there I had to create a folder called "media" and inside that I made a folder called "audio" and inside THAT I made "Notifications". I don't know for sure if you MUST use an "N" for notifications...just going on the specific instructions I received. Once I put all my notification sounds into that folder they were all found when I wanted to set default notification sounds for various events.

    Does this help?

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