Hi all,

I recently bought an LG Optimus L3(E400) handset with Android 2.3.6 to dip my toe in the world of Android, before my upcoming contract upgrade, and I am interested to know if my issues are phone based or Android wide.

The handset came with "1Gb" of internal memory, and a slot for an SD Card. After setting up e-mail, calendar and contacts, and installing Facebook, Twitter and BBC News apps I got my first "phone storage is low" warning. It appeared that apps could only install to the system memory (157mb) which was full with the system. The internal memory remained unchanged.

I then rooted the phone (something I am reluctant to do with a contracted handset - this one was only 50!) as I understood that would enable me to install further apps onto the SD card. Still it only installs to the internal 1Gb memory - which is now full.

The only things on the SD card are pictures.

Is this all due to the phone and/or the now aged OS??

Will the new Optimus G or GIII allow the whole memory to be used for everything???