Hello to all the "Androiders"

I bought a Huawei X3 this week, and is 99% working (wifi, gps, appīs, and so on) eheh

In the past years i used onlyWindows Mobile Phones based, and all ok with the my car original car kit.
Because i am a sales guy, i use a lot the mobile phone on the road.

After i bought my android this week i was "disapointed" with his BT interface, because i lost the 2 main Hands Free functions i had with my previous mobiles (and another blackberrys, and iphones i tested).

1 - pressing the call button on the car steering wheel (the phone now doesnīt call trough BT)
(this worked with all no Android Phones i used in the past)

2 - now the radio display only shows the number of incoming call, not the name of the person who is calling

The strange thing is that the Android works 100%, with notifications, GPS trough the car BT, but NOT with outgoing calls...
I have searched in google play, and on the web, on the last days to try a hint to solve this problem...does anyone here can give me a clue??

This shouldnīt be a hardware but a Android OS firmware..It is a question of "tweak" the Android OS, or there is some APP i can check??
Maybe some of you guys past the same thing...iīll try to test and give a feedback here, so that can hel another guys in the forum

Thanks a lot,

Best regards

Joao R.