The Polaris Office users' guide for documents does not comport with what I see and do not see.

I understand that I should see an edit mode button. I don't know what an edit mode button looks like, and I have tried pushing every button to see what they do.

i see a text box that comes up with when I tap something that looks like a binocular icon. (What's up with that?) I can type in the text box and save what I have typed, but I don't know where the saved text goes. In any case, it does not replace text in a document that I am trying to edit.

I saw a video that seemed to show an Polaris edit page with a lot of seemingly functional icons across the top of the page. I don't see those edit icons when I open a pdf file on my tab with Polaris Office.

I saw a post where a guy said you had to rotate the tab a couple of time to shake out a Polaris edit button. I tried to do that and it didn't work.

Some guy said the free Polaris doesn't support editing. What nonsense. Another guy posted right behind him, saying it did. That made sense, but I am still unable to edit in any meaningful way.

Probably this is a common complaint with an easy solution. Can someone steer me in the right direction?