I am really tired of reading articles in the mainstream media (given the few that are actually written about mobile advertising, Android, and mobile ad networks in the first place) that take such a negative slant on ad networks that supposedly bombarded users with unsolicited ads and messages. Is this really as big of a problem as some like to blow it up to be? Are there unethical or overly aggressive tacticians in this game? Yes... but the stories that aren't being told are about the people and platforms stepping up their own accountability. Airpush for example made a point out of adhering to the revamped Google Play terms of service. That's the kind of thing I was wanting to know more about when SDK 5.0 came out. Really happy to see a full opt-in, opt-out option at the time of app install. The wording is very clear here! Isn't this going to be the sort of thing we will see more of in the future? Or am I naive to believe that?