Hi all
My upgrade is coming pretty soon,I currently own an htc desire...it's too old now and I got many problems with it(had it since launch,can't complain).The GS3 seems like the best option for me right now but with all the rumors about the LG nexus,I'm kinda hesitated about getting the GS3.I can wait till the end of the month when it's rumored that it will be announced but that's not the problem...

1-Nexus phones take too long to be available in my country,the nexus 7 for example is still not available(been 3.5 months so far and still counting).The galaxy nexus was available at the end of march(that's around 5 or 6 months from launch) and it was exclusive to vodafone(which isn't even my carrier) for a month or 2.There's also at least a 100$ price increase in them since they are sold outside google play so I can't take advantage of the low price points google offer.

2-It may only have 8GB of storage which isn't enough of course,if there's a 16gb variant I might THINK about it.

So what do you guys think ? Do you think it would be worth the very long wait or the GS3 would be enough to serve me for 2 or 3 years to come ? And do you think I should at least wait for the nexus' announcement then decide or just get the GS3 this week ?