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Thread: Mobile Carriers and Torrents

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    Mobile Carriers and Torrents

    I like to download legal torrents, from sources such as etree. I live near an interstate, but too far from town for cable or dsl. Even satellite isn't available, no installers in area. I can see a truck stop and highway from my house though, and cdma signal isn't bad. Web browsing, facebook, e-mail etc are more than adequate, only torrents are slow or just stop frequently. I tether to a pc, which is allowed by my carrier. I recently installed surfanonymous-free, and so far so good. Noticeable improvement. BTW, I am not affiliated with them at all, I just like their product and I'm sure many people have the same problem with torrents, even legal ones. I also use PDANET and have since my first Cliq. The latest PDANET version is slightly buggy, but my phone is a new model, and I'm sure the next update will fix those issues.
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    Are you downloading torrents to your phone or using your phone to tether with a PC through PDANet and downloading torrrnts in your PC?

    If you're downloading them through PDA yo your PC, well, when using PDA, your ping gets huge, the speed is reduced significantly. Also be sure the torrents have enough seeders, though you'll still struggle if you'll download torrents using PDA.

    What speed are they downloading, approximately?

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    With T-mobile, I was literally getting 10k/s total, even with full 3g green bars. And total drop-outs of phone and net for hours every day. Phone was G2 (first phone I was totally happy with ever, until I moved). Worked flawlessly in city and I'm a tech support guy myself, so it wasn't a hardware issue. Got cdma phone, average total signal went to 25-50k (fine for e-mail, picture messages, etc), no missed or dropped calls, no excessive dropouts (maybe a few minutes occasionally, but that even happens downtown, and I attribute it to network overload). Right now I have a 100k/s torrent, 4 browser tabs open on PC, and several apps running on handset. And I'm sure I still have a lot of configuring and research to do to really get optimum performance, but it's getting late...
    I still can't wait for satellite to reach this area. I can literally see the highway exit and truck stop from my house, and I'm sure the truck stop has at least one tower. I'm by a major interstate, too. Still not the fastest, but at least I can wake up in the morning with a new FLAC format recording downloaded.

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